TERRI'S KIDS: Christening Gowns and Knits


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The pictures above are examples of christening bootees.

Many of the christening gowns on this site come with matching christening booties.
They give a very elegant touch to the christening ensemble.
They are usually lined.

In spite of their small size, the construction of these dainty soft little shoes is extremely labor-intensive.
It takes many hours of machine work and hand finishing to complete one pair.
Christening booties come in sizes from preemie to 12 months.

The approximate measurements in inches for bootees are as follows: preemie 3.25, newborn 3.75, 6 months 4.25, 12 months 4.50.

If the ensemble you want does not come with bootees and you would like a pair, please email me. Perhaps a pair can be made to order to match the gown.

Please note that christening bootees are soft soled and, depending on the fabric, may be slippery. They are NOT suitable for walking.