TERRI'S KIDS: Christening Gowns and Knits


These baby sweaters and sweater sets are hand loomed and are available in 100% acrylic (machine washable delicate cycle and dryable low). The yarn from which these are made is machine washable and dryable. It is suggested though that they be hand washed and dried flat in order to retain their new look longer.

These sweaters and sweater sets have designer styling and are boutique quality. You will see a variety of types of sweaters: lace sweaters, tuck stitch sweaters, fair isle sweaters, embroidered sweaters, cabled sweaters, sweaters with yokes, sweaters with little decorative pockets, and sweaters made of worsted (thicker) yarn.

If the sweater does not come with a hat, a matching hat can be made as a separate purchase.

Approximately two weeks is needed for the production of an order.

Larger sizes may be made upon request. Please email me for price quote.

If you do not see what you want on this page, please email me. Perhaps I can make it for you.

Butterflies and Tulips Set
new star #1 worsted - very soft: set includes hooded sweater, pants, thumbless mittens and bootees $60 COLORS C; also see personalized
Duckies Pullover Set
#2 fine gauge - Sweater $30; hat $10; pants $20; (hunter green shown) matching cardigan COLORS B; also see personalized
#3 Worsted --hat $8, pullover (long or short sleeves) $25, cardigan $30, pants $18 COLORS A
Ducks and Flowers Set
new star #4 worsted - very soft: set includes hooded sweater, pants, thumbless mittens and bootees $60; personalized 2 initials as shown $70 COLORS C; see more personalized
Collarless With Anchors
#5 fine gauge -One button neck opening; no collar; 6M to 24M - $35 COLORS B
Collar N' Anchors
#6 fine gauge -Version of #5 with collar & reversed colors (6M to 24M) - $35 COLORS B
Stripes'N Eyelets
#7 fine gauge - Stripes and eyelets on baby sweater and pants; purl side is right side $60 (to 24 months);
Stripes'N Eyelets with Shorts
#8 fine gauge - Short sleeved version of #7 with shorts; knit side is right side for shorts $50 (to 24m) COLORS B
Train Pant Set
#9 fine gauge- Long sleeved set with train design $60 (6m to 24m) COLORS B
Hooded Cape
#10 fine gauge - hooded baby cape (to 12 months) $45 COLORS B
Striped Pullover Set
#11 Worsted weight sweaters: Baby sweater (long or short sleeves) $25; pants $18; hat $8; matching plaid cardigan
Sassy Duckies
#12 fine gauge - Sassy ducks with shoes strike a pose; top also available in A-line tunic for girls (to 24 months); pants narrow or wide $60, COLORS B
Sassy Duckies Tunic
#13 fine gauge - Sassy ducks A-line tunic style for girls; hat; pants narrow or wide (to 24 months) $60 COLORS B
Chicks With Blanket
#14 fine gauge - has shoulder opening (to 12M) - $30. Lined blanket approx. 37in x 22in $65 COLORS B
Red Hearts 'n Rice
#15 fine gauge - Hearts baby shorts set - 3,6, and 9 months $50 COLORS B
Broad Collar with Skirt
#16 fine gauge - Wide collar, wave design with skirt $65 (to 24m); sizes 3,4 $70; 5,6 $75 COLORS B
Broad Collar with Pants
#17 fine guage - Boy's version of #16 with shorts; $65 (to 24 months); sizes 3,4 $70; 5,6 $75 COLORS B
Cabled Sweater and Dress
#18 fine guage - Cabled dress $50; cabled baby top $40 (to 24 months) COLORS B
Tab Front Fair Isle Sweater
#19 fine gauge - Tab front with fair isle design $35 (to 24M)
Boy's Yoked Sweater Set
#20 fine gauge - Yoked sweaters: boy's set $55 (to 24M); size 3,4 $60; 5,6 $65 COLORS B
Girl's Yoked Sweater Set
#21 fine gauge - Yoked sweaters: girl's set $55 (to 24M); size 3,4 $60; 5,6 $65 COLORS B
Swiss Darn Sweater
#22 fine gauge - Embroidered sweaters: Cabled with hand embroidered design $40 (to 24 months) COLORS B
Rabbit Short Set
#23 fine gauge - Long sleeved baby set with rabbit design and short pants $50; socks $8 (to 24 months) COLORS B
Polka Dot Set
new star#24 fine gauge - Adorable set with "polka dot" ruffled top and striped bloomers $55 (NB to 24M) COLORS B
All Over Wrap Top
#25 fine gauge - The one piece buttons in the back; fair isle wrap around top $70 (to 12 months) COLORS B
Wrap Slip-On With Pants
#26 fine gauge - Baby sweaters: Choose wrap over or slip-on with short pants. $30 (to 12 months)
Peach Eyelet Set
#27 fine gauge - Baby sweaters: collarless tab front $30; V-neck eyelets cardigan $35; pants $20 (to 18m) COLORS B
Polka Dot Separates
new star #28 fine gauge - Polka dot boatneck top $35; striped pullover $30; striped shorts $15; polka dot overalls $30 (up tp 24M) COLORS B
Striped Short Pant Set
#29 fine gauge - two piece set $45; matching socks $8 (up to 12 months) COLORS B
Sea Horse Outfits
new star#30 fine gauge - Sea horse sweaters: sleeveless top $25; long sleeve top $30; Pants or skirt $20 (NB to 12 months) COLORS B
Plaid Separates
#31 fine gauge - Plaid baby sweaters: vest $30 or tab front top $45; pants $15 (to 24 months)
Diamond Sweater Set
#32 fine gauge - Diamond patterned baby set has pocket. $55 (to 24 months) COLORS B
Lady Bug Set
#33 fine gauge - Lady bug, lady bug...buttoned boatneck styling & wide legged pants $60 (to 24 months) COLORS B
Lacy Cardigan set
#34 fine gauge - Lace baby sweaters: cardigan $35; pullover $30; lace baby pants $20; hat $10 (to 24 months) COLORS B
Tri-Color Diamond Pants Set
#35 fine gauge - Tri-color diamond pant set $55 (to 24m); sizes 3,4 $60; 5,6 $65
Tri-color Diamond Skirt Set
#36 fine gauge - Tri-color skirt set $55 (to 24m); sizes 3,4 $60; 5,6 $65 COLORS B
Boxy Sweater Sets
#37 fine gauge - Tri-color baby sweaters: cardigan, pullover or tab front w/short pants $55; with skirt $60 (to 24 months); sizes 3,4 add $5; 5,6 add $10 COLORS B
Pocketed Separates
#38 fine gauge - Baby sweaters with pockets: sleeveless top $25; long sleeve top (also in short sleeves) $30; shorts or bloomers $15; skirt (not shown) $20 (NB to 12M) COLORS B
Blue Stripe 'n Pants
#39 fine gauge-Baby top with shoulder opening and pants $45; matching short sleeve cardigan $30 (to 24 months) COLORS B
Tuck Stitch Romper and Skirt
#40 fine gauge - Tuck stitch sweaters: knit side is right side of sweater; purl side is right side for skirt and rompers; either set $60 (to 12m) COLORS B
Lace Top and Panties
#41a fine gauge - Lace sweaters: both have back closure; short or long sleeves with short panties $45 (to 18 months) COLORS B
Lace Cardigan Dress and Tights
#41b fine gauge - Cardigan has pearlized buttons $40; dress $50; tights $15 (to 18 months)
Lice and Frills
#42 fine gauge - Frills at collar, sleeves, and yoke of pants $60 (to 24 months) COLORS B
Pink Lace Sweater
new star#43 fine gauge - Lace sweaters: top with short or long sleeves; opens at the shoulder $35 (NB to 12 months) COLORS B
Pink Tuck Short Set
#44 fine gauge-Tuck stitch sweaters: set with tab neck opening $55; matching socks $10 COLORS B
#45 fine gauge - Three colored V-necked diamond design $30 (6 to 18 months); COLORS B
Yoked Matinee Jacket
#46. fine gauge - Yoked matinee baby jacket with satin ribbon and tights w/lace motif $65; bonnet $16; thumbless mittens $8.00 (to 12M) COLORS B
Bows T-shirt Set
#47 fine gauge - Baby bows design set (24 months) $50; sizes 3,4 $55; 5,6 $60 COLORS B
Round Neck Little Pig Sweater
#48a. fine gauge -Little pig design with round neck $30;
shawl collar little pig
#48b. fine gauge - Little pig design with shawl collar $30;
Dog Pants
#49 fine guage-Two piece set with dog design (to 12 months); $55 COLORS B
Floral Romper or Skirt Set
#50 fine gauge -Floral all in one $55; V neck cardigan and skirt set $55 (to 24 months) COLORS B
Blue Tuck 'n Pants
#51 fine gauge - Tuck stitch sweaters: three alternating colors with pants. $55
Peach Polo
#52 fine gauge- Polo with collar (12m to 24m) $30; 3,4 $35; 5,6 $40 COLORS B
#53 fine gauge-These sailboats are on a rolling sea. ( NB to 24 months) $50 COLORS B
Checkered Long Pants Set
#54 fine gauge- Checkered design adorns neck and short sleeved top with side buttoned neck opening.(NB to 12M) $55 COLORS B
Checkered short Pants Set
#55 fine gauge- Checkered long sleeved top with side buttoned neck opening; short pants. (NB to 12M) $55 COLORS B
Two Hole Lace Sweater and Bloomers
#56 fine gauge- Lace sweaters: top has collar, short gathered sleeves, and buttons at the neck. Matching bloomers (NB to 12M) $50 COLORS B
Duckies Pant Set
#57 fine gauge- Cute baby pant set with ducks! It has shoulder opening. (to 12M) $50
Sun Bright
#58 fine gauge- Star design 1,2 $30; 3,4 $35; 5,6 $40 COLORS B
Cable Sweater Set
#59 sport yarn - Cable top with skirt or short pants in white, baby blue, baby pink, baby green, baby yellow (to 24M) $55; sizes 3,4 $60; 5,6 $65
Stars and swirls
#60 fine gauge - Stars and swirls design (12m to 24m) $30; sizes 3,4 $35; COLORS B
Baby Blue
#61 sports yarn-Shoulder opening; also in baby pink, baby green, and baby yellow; size to 12m $60
Beige cable suit
#62 Worsted weight sweaters: Cable at center front and sides of pants (to 24 months) $65, COLORS A
Diamond Lace 'n Panties
#63 fine gauge -Lace sweaters: Baby set with diamond lace design and boat neck styling with short panties $45 (to 18 months) COLORS B
Red 'n Blue Skirt Set
#64 fine gauge - Two piece baby set (to 24m) $50; sizes 3,4 $55; 5,6 $60 COLORS B
Baby Poncho
#65 fine gauge - Baby poncho with collar and cuffs $35 (to 24 months) COLORS B




For the realistic doll enthusiasts, Terri's Kids outfits also look fantastic on your true-to-life, realistic dolls. Here are some examples to prove the point sent in by a customer who ordered for her lovely dolls.

doll lace