TERRI'S KIDS: Christening Gowns and Knits

Longterm Storage of Christening Apparel

Please note that christening gowns (knitted gowns not included) are sent in an acid-free textile box with acid-free paper for longterm storage.
  1. Garment should be thoroughly cleaned. Professionally dry clean if labeled "dry clean" or washed if labeled washable. If washable, use the correct laundry detergent. DO NOT use soap, chlorine bleach, starch, garment sizing, or fabric softner. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. Wrap fabric in acid free paper before folding. The tissue paper cushions the fabric and prevents sharp creases that would destroy fibers of fabric. Stuff bodices, sleeves, and curved areas with acid-free paper.
  3. For gowns, in addition to stuffing bodices, and sleeves, fold the gown so that it will fit into the box. Place tissue that has been rolled between the folds of the gown. Line the box with tissue before putting the gown into it. Layer the gown and accessories with tissue paper. Store in an acid-free box.
    NOTE: Acid-free tissue paper and acid-free boxes can be purchased from office supply stores, Internet resources, and professional dry cleaners specializing in the cleaning and preserving of hierloom fabrics. Be sure to purchase only unbuffeered acid-free tissue paper, not colored ones.
  4. Store garment flat. Hanging will distort the fabric and weaken the fabric at the shoulders as time goes by. DO NOT store in plastic bags because they trap moisture, promote mildewing and yellowing of the fabric.
  5. Store christening garment by itself, not with other garments. Store in an acid-free box.
  6. Store in an area where there are no extremes in temperature or humidity changes. Suggested atmospheric conditions are a relative humidity of 50% and temperatures of 65 to 70 degrees. Store away from light or, even better, in a dark place. This will prevent fading and damage to the fabric.
  7. Avoid storing christening garments in attics, garages, and basements. These places will expose the garments to temperature extremes, dampness, humidity, grease and undesirable fumes.
  8. Christening garments stored for several years may need to be LIGHTLY vacuumed through a mesh screen and then allowed to air out for several days. They can be freshened by laundering or dry cleaning--whichever is appropriate. vacuum through a mesh screen and then allowed to air out for several days.